• Characteristic loads

    …corrosion, seismic performance, bending moment, torsional resistance, characteristic loads, axial forces, edge distance, resistance to fire… ECAP members bring their know-how into European norms.
  • Technical Working Group

    ECAP members access European technical documents, delegated and implementing acts, and discuss them in the ECAP Working Group. ECAP WG meets regularly to define a shared strategy in advance of European Working Groups meetings.
  • Industry and University

    Standardization involves technical development and research. ECAP members support a university course on structural fasteners.
  • Transfer of ETAGs into EADs

    ECAP members have a voice in how ETAGs and Technical Reports on their products are transferred into EADs.
  • Guidance for installers

    ECAP guidance raise installers’ awareness of the accuracy of installation procedures for anchors.
  • Calculation programs

    ECAP members share the management and updates of costs of design calculation programs on anchors and wood connectors based on Eurocodes.
  • CE marking

    ECAP helps combine SMEs friendly TABs, laboratories and Notified Bodies from all over Europe.
  • Europe in your size

    CPR, DoPs, CE marking: ECAP and its members are there where the European legal framework of their product is discussed.
  • Yield strength

    Splitting, durability…ECAP members bring their know-how in design into Eurocode 2 and Eurocode 5.

Mechanical anchors

Plastic anchors

Bonded anchors

Powder actuated tools

3-D Nailing plates

Wood screws

ECAP is the consortium of Small and Medium-sized European Producers of mechanical, chemical and plastic anchors, wood screws, concrete screws, powder actuated tools (PATs) and related nails and fixing cartridges. ECAP is involved in EN standards, EADs, ETAs and EU Regulations and informs its members on all news which can affect the present and the future of their products.